Speed-Oh! at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Back in the day, 1988, to be exact, a bunch of the local boys decided once and for all they were going to figure out WHO had the fastest boat on the Lake of the Ozarks….That’s when/how the idea for the Shootout was born.  The next year the Top Gun trophy went to Randy Scism running 101mph on outboard engines. Back then that was fast; now the racers easily break 200 mph! Yuppers, this week, the Lake is all about speed!

Fran Steingrubey, Sr. is the guy who made 26 years of racing excitement a reality here at the Lake. He had a fascination for speed and wanted to see a drag race on the water, but that idea didn’t float the Missouri Water Patrol’s boat (so to say. . .). Instead men like former Police Chief John Page, Bill Seebold of Seebold Sports, and former Water Patrol captain Bill Swineburg brainstormed this timed race. Races are pitted against one anothers best run in different classes – so yes, the locals still get a chance to show what their toys can do!

For twenty six years the Lake has rocked with the roar of speed – the sound of thundering engines warming up and hurdling down the Main Channel. Last year the title was claimed by Bill Tomlinson and Ken Kehoe at an unbelievable speed of 224mph! Oh, my! Speed-Oh!

Speed on the Lake of the Ozarks!

Speed on the Lake of the Ozarks!

Some things have changed – like the location of the race. It’s no longer located by our bed and breakfast because Shooter’s 21 was torn down a number of years ago. Since 2008 the race has been located at Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill in Sunrise Beach – just a 20 minute drive from the B & B though. They say the water is a little more quiet over there. . . The Shoot-Out  has evolved from a weekend event to a whole week of activities. Captain Ron and his huge crew of volunteers work long hours putting on this event and making it grow each year.

Summer Fun at FunLake Lake of the Ozarks

Summer Fun at FunLake Lake of the Ozarks

On Monday, August 18th, 2014 the Great Shootout Treasure Hunt took place. Vendor booth set-up begins on Wednesday,the 20th at the Laurie Gairgrounds and then the  race boats line up for the ‘meet and greet’ at the Park later that day. Saturday, the 23rd, at 8:30AM is the Opening Ceremony. Race Village opens to the public at Buccaneer Bay. Beginning at 10AM the non-pro classes make their runs, followed by 11AM manufacturer classes, and then the pros from 12 till 2PM.  Practice runs begin again at 2PM. More racing on Sunday – followed by the Awards Ceremony at 4PM.

The Shootout has become one of the most popular non-sanctioned boat races in North America. Tourism folks are proud to share that Powerboat Magazine readers voted the Shootout the number one boat race/shootout in the country! It attracts tens of thousands of spectators from near and far,  and even a few racers from outside the U.S. In the last six years (since the event has been at Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill) donations to local charities and fire departments has totaled $437,000.

While you’re visiting at the Lake and the Shootout, we hope you’ll consider our luxurious and romantic bed and breakfast, The Inn at Harbour Ridge,  for your race week lodging.  We even have a little yellow paddle boat down on Wood Hollow cove – not sure if it will break any speed records, but it’s always fun to float your boat at the Lake!  Come see us.

Happy hearts!

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