Do You Know What You are Getting? Book Direct & Save!

Red oval with yellow swirl and text Check AvailabilityHave you ever had the wool pulled over your eyes? Taken advantage of? Perhaps when you bought those exclusive “Coach” sunglasses on vacation only to find the same pair at Walmart? Or, a salesperson convinced you to buy a crazy marked down item and then you realized you actually overpaid? Maybe you booked your dream vacation only to realize when you got there that your hotel room looked nothing like the pictures online? Listen, no one likes having the wool pulled over their eyes and when booking a vacation online, it can happen!!

Do you know what is happening when you book your travel online? Did you know that when you hop on Google, you are being lured to third-party sites to book your accommodations? #BookDirect is a movement that has been started to educate both innkeepers and travelers alike about the benefits of booking directly with the property and NOT with third-party sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia. In fact, this past February 6th was #BookDirect Guest Education Day!  We know folks go on the hunt for the best “deal” but do you know if you really are getting the best deal?

That’s why we wanted to post an article here so our guests are aware that there are third-party sites out there that may be selling a bill of goods that in actuality is NOT in your best interest. Third-party listings may charge quite a bit more with tacked-on commissions and fees. You’ll likely see the same rooms on their website and our website but we are here to warn you that you might pay more unless you book directly with us through our B&B website. Also, some other sites may not accurately represent the property you are interested in. When you book directly from our website, you can be sure to know about all of the perks and guest amenities, you will have full access to our specials and packages, full access to possible lower rates and accurate information across the board. PLUS, booking direct through our website allows for direct communication between you and us! This helps us help you – to personalize and optimize your stay.

So, the next time you are online to book a stay with us, say goodbye to the middle man. Book direct through our website for the best experience. Get the lowest rate available, no extra costs or hidden fees, and specialized customer service. Best rate, best service, best all around. We hope to see you soon in beautiful Osage Beach, MO!

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