Stand Up Paddleboard – Great Way to See Lake of the Ozarks!

Bright sunny day with a young boy in colorful shorts out on the water paddleboardingIt’s pretty standard slang nowadays to say “sup?” with a nod of the head when seeing a friend. It’s the newer version of the traditional, “hello, how are you today?” Outside of keeping you up to date on all the happenings at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are just making sure our readers are keeping up with the times J In all seriousness, we are talking about a different version of those three letters…SUP…in the form of stand up paddleboarding! We are all about summertime right now and the Lake is where the action is!

Many of our guests come to the Lake of the Ozarks to get away to a place that is not only peaceful and relaxing but also beautiful with plenty of things to do. It’s truly a one stop shop for travelers with something for everyone no matter what kind of vacation you are looking for. The Lake is known for being one of the best fishing and boating lakes in the country. If you have not had the chance to visit, now is the perfect opportunity – come on over! There are a lot of ways to have fun on the water but paddling and stand up paddle boarding, or SUP is a popular choice.

This sport is great because it’s truly for any skill level, from first-timers to the most seasoned in the water. Super Dave’s Paddle Craft Adventures in Sunrise Beach is a great place to start.  Here is a video showing their great business and all that they offer. We have had guests report back about great experiences in taking lessons there too. SUP is so fun due to the fact that you can explore as far as you want, take a break when you want, sit down, stand up, take a dip and then keep on paddling. Here at the Lake of the Ozarks, there are many spots where the water is nice and smooth and several different coves to explore. It’s a fantastic way to spend the day out on the water! When it’s time to relax check out a lakeside restaurant such as JB Hook’s or local winery such as the Shawnee Bluff Winery.

Always check back to our blog for more ways to have fun at the Lake of the Ozarks and to get information on events, attractions and fun things to do. Our bed and breakfast is the perfect choice for accommodations no matter your length of stay – book direct through our website for best rates or contact us anytime for more information.

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