Mom’s Great Pumpkin Dessert Recipe A Fall Favorite

Three generations of ladies: a grandmother, mother and small baby sitting at a tableThe pumpkin spice craze is back! You don’t have to look far before finding something with this favorite fall flavor…coffee…candles…cookies…it is like America is pumpkin spice everything! An article on shared a few things that are going a bit too far. Spam announced it will release a Pumpkin Spice variety of canned meat, Pringles tested a pumpkin pie spice flavor of chips and in 2018, Buffalo Wild Wings offered a limited-edition pumpkin ale sauce for its famous chicken wings. Thanks, but we’ll pass! Back to the discussion on delicious fall food, today we want to share with you something near and dear to our hearts. It’s the Great Pumpkin Dessert recipe straight from my Mama’s kitchen.

Do you have any handwritten recipes that have been passed down from generations before you? There is something special about cooking with a piece of paper that you know was held by loved ones and even has some old vanilla extract spills or brown sugar remnants on it. The image you see at the bottom of this post is indeed the Great Pumpkin Dessert recipe in my mother’s handwriting. It is so special to us!   

My Mom was a hardworking farmer’s wife and so proud to join Dad in the field once us kids were older. Not only was she a doting mother, she was one heck of a cook! Our meals were ALWAYS plentiful and “from scratch.” Many of Mom’s dishes were basics but we ate fresh – garden beans, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and potatoes. She canned lots of veggies and sauces (and dill pickles) for the winter, too. We were spoiled! It was tradition to join together for supper at the kitchen table and we always loved having family get togethers during the holidays.

This Great Pumpkin Dessert can be a week night dessert or a special one for the holidays. One of Mom’s favorites was to serve it with delicious ice cream from the Schwan Truck! Mom was so proud of her four grandkids and then the “greats” that came along!  This picture is one of my favorites – a three generation picture!  After Mom passed away my daughter and my niece wanted handwritten copies of Mom’s recipes and so this recipe was one that was passed on.

It’s not a difficult or sophisticated recipe but sometimes the simplest are simply the best. It is old fashioned comfort food to enjoy every fall!  Now, my grandgirls and great niece whip it up and I serve it to the ladies who play bridge here at the Inn. If you try this recipe yourself, we would love to know how it turned out for you! Happy baking!

A black and white handwritten recipe for a pumpkin dessert

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