Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Swinging Bridge near Osage Beach, MO

Our entertainment options may look different these days, but that’s no reason to shy away from visiting your favorite Osage Beach, MO bed and breakfast! The Inn at Harbour Ridge is tireless when it comes to the health and safety of our guests. So while we’re taking precautions and making sure the inn is as clean as possible for you, you can be out adventuring through rural Missouri and seeing some of our favorite sights, even while social-distancing. One that we particularly recommend right now is the Swinging Bridges in Brumley, MO, just about 30 minutes from the Inn. So make plans for an Ozark getaway and experience the top 7 reasons to visit these bridges!

  1. Feed Your Sense of Adventure
    It can be fun to go out and find unique places like the Brumley Swinging Bridges. There are lots of fun, quirky roadside attractions to be found along central Missouri roads and this is a particularly fun one because it engages so many senses. This leads to number 2…
  2. Take a Dare
    Depending on how much you enjoy thrills, you may need your travel companions to dare you to cross these bridges! Not only do they swing and sway slightly as your vehicle crosses, but you can also hear the planks clatter as you make your way to the other side. If you aren’t used to this particular way of traveling, it may be a bit unnerving!
  3. Learn History
    As of this year, the main Brumley Swinging Bridge (known as the Grand Auglaize Bridge) is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places due to the diligent efforts of local citizens. Earlier in 2018, the fate of the bridge was uncertain, as it received a rating of “poor condition” after a routine inspection. The cost of repairs and maintenance was beginning to be more than what the county could cover. This recent designation makes the bridge eligible for grants that will allow for necessary repairs. The bridge was intended to last for about 60 years at the most. It is now going on 90 years old and will hopefully see many years to come now that it is able to be supported through other funds.
  4. Appreciate the Beauty of the Engineering and Craftsmanship
    The bridges were designed by Joseph A. Dice, a man who participated in the creation of over 40 bridges throughout Missouri, many of them built between 1905 and 1930. Dice was known for doing his measurements by feel rather than by calculations with pencil and paper. He was often seen simply tying twine to large trees across the stream to determine the curve and then measuring the twine at various heights. According to local history, once the highway department started requiring blueprints for his bridges, Dice decided to retire. His bridges have truly stood the test of time and are a testament to his skill and the quality craftsmanship of those who built them.
  5. Peek into Rural Life
    While many tourists visit the bridges to experience something novel and out-of-the-ordinary, for locals, these bridges are simply how they get home. Residents also use the bridge for photoshoots, fishing, or as a beautiful backdrop for a simple day by the river.
  6. Participate in a romantic experience
    Did you know some folks have started putting locks on the bridge? That’s right, just like the bridge in Paris, the Brumley Bridge holds the locks of those who want to declare the unbreakable bond of their love. So if you’re visiting the Inn at Harbour Ridge with your partner, you’re definitely going to want to stop here and proclaim your everlasting love. Sounds like the perfect romantic joy ride, doesn’t it?
  7. Start a Trend
    Here at the Inn at Harbour Ridge, we are all about making hearts happy. So if you want, you and your partner can bring TWO padlocks with you on your next visit to the Inn at Harbour Ridge and add one to our “Fence of Love” in the yard! It doesn’t get more romantic than that, short of going all the way to Paris! Book your stay today and experience the thrill, the history, and the romance of some of the last remaining swinging bridges in Missouri!Breakfast place settings with coffee and ornage juice and egg souffle in red ramekins

To Get There: The bridges are on Swinging Bridges Road in Brumley, MO. From Brumley, drive west on Hwy 42 for a half-mile. Turn left onto (gravel) Swinging Bridges Rd. Drive two miles and you will approach the first bridge. Travel another 1000 feet and you’ll approach the second swinging bridge. Have fun!

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